Pet Owners Guide to Pampering Your Dog

Every pet owner has their moments were they feel like spoiling their furry little family members. After all, on a daily basis their affection and silly antics provide us with so much joy and let's face it stress relief, so it feels good to indulge them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pamper your pet, however when doing so one should think about what their pet would consider pampering. Dogs are just animals, fancy clothes and toys really don't make much of a difference to them. If you are really looking to impress your pooch, tempting their taste buds is always the way to go.

When selecting a treat for your dog there are several things to keep in mind. The treat should be palatable and for a dog that means smelly. You should look for treats that are not to big in size, indulging your dog is one thing, but over indulging them can be bad for their health. When selecting a packaged treat it is important to read the ingredients label. Dogs have no nutritional need for wheat, soy or corn, so they need not be part of your dogs regular diet or their snacks. Try to stick with snacks that are healthy, yet will still have their tails wagging when they see the bag of treats. Some products to try are Innova Health Bars and Old Mother Hubbard Biscuits. Innova and Old Mother Hubbard both make a variety of treats that are both palatable and health conscious.

You may also consider making homemade treats for your dogs as well. When you make your treats at home you ensure freshness and quality. The Internet is a great resource for finding recipes for your furry family members treats. Some sites that I like are, and they both have a bunch of great recipes. Of course I steer clear of any recipes that use wheat, but some recipes that call for wheat you can make by subbing with oat or rice cereal. My dogs really love anything with peanut butter or fruit, so when your starting out keep those ingredients in mind. Dogs can eat fruits and veggies raw as well, so just like your children, it is never a bad idea to get your pup loving them early.

There are many ways that people can pamper their pets. However, just like their human owners like to order a pizza or have a delicious slice of cake, our pets like a delectable little treat every now and then too.

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