Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Massage

You know how nice it feels when you get a massage from other people. However, something that you might not realize is how much your dog will like being massaged as well. If you're like me you will typically pet your dog and scratch his ears and that, but one thing that I do quite a bit for my dog is that I will try to give him a little massage from time to time. I know that my dog really loves this and here are some of the benefits that I have noticed by doing this for my dog.

The first benefit that I have notice by massaging my dog is that he seems to be more relaxed than what he normally is. I know that for me when I get a massage it always does really well at relaxing me and makes me feel good. So just imagine what it is doing for your dog and how well he is going to feel when you are massaging him to get him to relax more than what he already is normally.

The second benefit is that if you notice that your dog has arthritis if you gently massage the leg that has the arthritis you will sometimes notice that the joint is not as stiff. I know that my Labrador Retriever has arthritis in his hip and if I massage his hip for about ten minutes a day he is not limping as bad and the joint is not stiff on him anymore. So that is a big positive and one of the main reasons that I massage my dogs joints because in my experience it helps them run and walk better.

The third benefit of massaging your dogs is that it seems to build up a stronger relationship between you and your dogs. I know that for me my dogs know that I care about them when I do this because I am taking time to focus strictly on them and not on the other things that are going on in life. I know that they realize this because they repay me with kisses and that is from a dog that it is rare to get a kiss from!

While you know how good a massage feels for you a massage on your dog feels just as good. I know that for my dogs they love it when I give them a massage and they more around a lot better after I massage them and they realize how much I care about them when I give them a massage.

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