All About Seeing Eye Dogs: How They Are Trained

Seeing Eye dogs, also known as assistance dogs, are dogs that are trained to help people who are visually disabled to navigate their way around things in life that they cannot do by themselves. They are the only pets that are allowed into places that they would normally ban animals, such as restaurants, malls, and other places that the owner needs to go. Unfortunately, these dogs cannot read signs and also are color blind, so they require lots of training in classes specifically conducted for Seeing Eye Dogs so that they can effectively help their owner in their life.

Dogs that can be trained to be Seeing Eye dogs can be found in many different places. There are breeding centers that specialize in making puppies to be trained to be Seeing Eye dogs when they grow up. There are also people who raise puppies that are future Seeing Eye dogs in their own homes. Also, there are a lot of Seeing Eye dogs that are in animal shelters. These dogs are given a second chance to help in a very noble way and adopting from a shelter can be beneficial. There are many different breeds that can be trained to be Seeing Eye dogs, but the most common breeds that are chosen are Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

First of all, to train a normal dog to become a Seeing Eye Dog, then it is necessary to make sure that it can cope with all of the different things that it will come by in its life as a Seeing Eye dog. They have to guide their owners through a lot of different areas, and cannot be scared or distracted by anything as this can lead to trouble. So, a physical exam is conducted for the Seeing Eye dog-to-be to see if they can do all of the things that it needs to as a Seeing Eye dog. If they pass, then they can move on to the next step in becoming a Seeing Eye dog.

These dogs are trained to work with leashes and harnesses in order for them to learn how to lead their owner through streets and curbs, while keeping them safe from moving cars and things that may hurt the owner but not necessarily the dog. Also, they are taught how to fetch specific things for their owner such as the television remote, a wallet, and other things.

After three months of rigorous training for the dog, then a visually disabled person that needs a Seeing Eye dog and has been approved to get one, comes to find a dog that will suit their needs. Together, the dog and the owner go through training in order to see if they can work together and if the Seeing Eye dog can do its job well with this owner. After they pass the tests, then they are given a certificate and can leave as newly coupled owner and Seeing Eye dog. The trainers provide check-ups every so often to see how they are getting along, to ensure the best training and care is given.

Seeing Eye dogs are very helpful animals and are indeed very noble, because they help visually disabled people become members of society and not only that, but they are also friends for life.

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